European Studies

The European Studies department is a small but fascinating program with goal to promote European norms and values. ES is in process of development. Professors use modern technologies (e-course and e-reserve system, critical thinking and hermeneutic methods, organize interactive lessons); elaborate new courses with goal to successful and effective representation of the European aspects in the modern process; conduct active research work in the fields of philosophy, history, politics, linguistics and culture; involve students in research work; organize club’s activity; realize educational and advising tasks for the foundation of future graduates’ career; actively participate in University life.

Our Mission

  1. Give deep knowledge about European history, politics, society and culture
  2. Prepare specialists with knowledge of French and German for careers in supranational or in national organizations that are active internationally, especially in Europe
  3. Change the curriculum in the way to give students maximum benefit and to close big gaps of basic knowledge Vision to give students a thorough undergraduate education of European Studies, to foster a culture of activity, independent learning and enthusiasm about European society, culture, politics etc.

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