Sociology Concentration examines the social aspects and dimensions of most everything human beings do in the realm of politics, economics, culture, technology, relationships, and identity. Studying sociology provides students critical and reflexive perspectives with which to understand the world. It pushes students to develop the analytical, research, and compositional skills necessary to investigate, understand, analyze, explain, and improve the world around them. Courses cover a broad range of topics including: the study of individuals as social actors; the analysis of social processes such as social interaction and deviance and conformity; the study of institutions such as law, family, media, popular culture, education, and religion; and the investigation of the social organization of entire societies in the global context.

      Differences between major and concentration – major provides extensive analytical background along with critical and practical sociological skills.  Profile concentrates includes courses less than major, however it provide additional knowledge in the field of Art. This makes possible for students to enter Master programs on various liberal and social sciences; it gives them supplementary knowledge in the field of social disciplines, which allow developing higher level of criticality and understanding of everyday life.

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